Thank you! Your letters to Dr. Irvin Kaufman at Rady Children’s Hospital have had some impact. Though they haven’t provided the materials we asked for, we received some documents in today’s mail.

Thought I would share a portion of the letter from Dr. Irvin Kaufman:

“I apologize for the delay in getting you all of these materials. Your insistence on only communicating by US mail and then writing to Dr. Kearns without copying me directly has hindered my ability to help you.”

That’s funny, since your package arrived to our home in less than a day (it is now 11:58 am on Sept 10th, and it was shipped on September 9th), I would assume that our method of communicating had nothing to do with it.

Perhaps this sudden ability to provide information was created by the many letters, and your knowledge of our website?  Please, Dr. Kaufman, we are grieving parents. Do we really deserve this continued defensiveness?  Your words don’t give us a tremendous amount of hope that you will be honest, transparent, or forthright.

Rady Kaufman

(Update 9/2014 – Though we now have many of Rowan’s medical records, none of them have given us (or other medical professionals we have asked to review) any reassurance.  These records continue to support everything that we have stated on our website)