Dear C,
I am always so proud of you.  You are kind, and gentle, and a good friend.  You are innocent, and optimistic, and seek out joy.  And you love.  No matter how many times you are hurt, you keep finding ways to love.
But last night, I was proud of you in a different way.  You two were arguing, again.  I’m learning to step back.  I’m learning that it is your relationship, and not mine.   And that it will become whatever it becomes.  I’ll do my best to give you the skills I can, and then I’ll sit back, as a quiet and strong pillar of support, whenever you need it.
You two were arguing, about what is trivial.  So trivial, I can’t remember as the sun starts to rise.  The arguing went on until I got to that point where I wanted to step in, but I didn’t.  I just lay there in bed next to you, quietly breathing, a steady breathe.. in and out, in and out.. hoping you will feel that I am there.  There with you.
And then you start to scream and cry, and you are instantly in big trouble as he begins to walk away.
“Use your words!” he says in anger.
“No!” you say.  “I did use my words, and you didn’t listen.”
And he turned around and came back.
My strong, little girl.  You have the strength and confidence you need.  You know your words matter.  You know ~ somewhere deep in your heart, deep in your soul ~ you know.
My strong, little girl.  Hold on tight.  Hold onto that strength.  Hold onto that gentleness.  Hold onto that innocence.  Hold onto that quest for joy.
Hold on tight.  You are so small, and you have been given a difficult road.  But you will make it.
And I hope you always know, I’m proud of you.