Sixteen months after our son was killed, we were faced with writing an objective and concise summary of our son’s death.

The additional anguish that we faced in writing this document this week, just to have our case considered, is yet another sign of a very broken system.

The CA medical board has informed us that our case is being considered for review.  Don’t get too excited.  This only means that they might investigate our case, if they deem it worthy.  And if they deem it worthy, they only consider what was written in the medical records, by the doctors themselves.  And if they do investigate, they only serve as the administrators of the doctor’s licenses, they will not practice litigation, etc.  – leading us to believe that justice for Rowan is highly unlikely.

Our report to the CA Medical Board, and the FIVE page version of this entire website (including the 2004 protocol for the use of anesthesia in patients with Williams Syndrome).  I hope you take the time to read it:

For medical boardv2

“Uncooperative?” Rowan receiving an exam October 2013

Update: In February 2016, over two years later, we received a response from the CA medical board:

The CA Medical Board dismissed the case against the anesthesiologist because they did not find a departure from the standard of practice of medicine.  They stated that the Board must be able to confirm that the physician’s conduct deviated from the standard of medical practice in order to establish a violation of the Medical Practice Act.

The CA Medical Board found substantive reason to forward the case against the cardiologist to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Health Quality Investigation Unit’s San Diego Field Office, for further investigation.